A little about me

Hi! I’m Donavon Jorge, a real estate agent with Washington Realty Group. As your agent, my primary goal is to deliver top-notch service, with professionalism & efficiency. Prior to real estate, as a personal trainer, I successfully helped my clients lose a total of 1,000+ pounds. My time as a trainer helped me to realize that it’s not always just about what you know; it’s vital to listen to your clients and acknowledge their desired achievements. Then you apply your expertise in a safe and effective manner, to provide your client with a most satisfactory experience. I strive to take that same approach with all of my real estate clients – nothing gets me more pumped than an opportunity to exceed someone’s expectations!

I grew up in Macon, Georgia. As a kid, my mom would drive my siblings and me around, every other Sunday evening, just to explore the area’s luxury homes. That’s when I discovered that I wanted to be involved with real estate. Back then, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do to make that happen, but I knew that somehow, some way, this would be a part of my life. Finally, in 2017, I entered the industry by starting a real estate investment company – and I haven’t looked back since! As a wholesaler, I enjoyed connecting sellers with cash buyers, but there was a downside… I wasn’t licensed. For that reason, I was unable to help as many people as I had hoped to help, especially those clients who expected top value. That’s all changed now that I’m licensed! I’m able to serve my clients fully, while offering a wide array of solutions designed to get them to the closing table. When I’m not assisting my clients, I can be found spending my time at home, being yelled at by my 5 kids for not moving fast enough to cover their “needs”, lol (my wife seems to love that part).

Whether you’re selling your home, looking for a new one, or need investment opportunities, I’m here to assist!