2018 Property Taxes By Rick Jusenius

What’s happening with my Property Taxes in 2018


This is going to be a very interesting year especially when we receive our Property Tax Statements concerning taxes due for 2018 first half to be paid by April 30th. In June we will receive our new assessed value concerning taxes due in 2019. Those lovely green postcards will be arriving in your mail so you may want to keep an eye out for them. Check out your new assessed value and if you feel that its high you can appeal with the assessor’s office for a reduction of assessed value. If you’re successful this will reduce your property tax obligations in 2019.

You’re probably going to be wondering why property taxes are taking such a big jump in 2018. So for the short story The Regional Transit Authority is imposing a new tax for those of us living along the Interstate 5 corridor between Everett and Tacoma. Outlying areas such as Maple Valley, Enumclaw and Buckley will not be affected by this new tax. The amount of funds being collected by this voter approved levy is staggering and as time goes by there will certainly be public outcry for a reduction.

The next big Ticket is fully funding Public Education. This was mandated by the State Supreme Court and has now been implemented. This will affect everyone and also will be increasing property taxes by a substantial amount. Depending upon your assessed value and location this could be from a few hundred to thousands of dollars annually.

Well what should I do?

If you’re a senior Citizen and or disabled with limited income you can apply for property tax relief through the Assessor’s Office.

Appeal your assessed value for 2019 when you receive your Green Postcard in June of 2018.

Exercise your rights and vote in the Upcoming Elections and let your voice be heard.