Is This the Year to Buy Real Estate Investments by Jason Clifford

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Is 2018 the year to buy an investment property or more specifically asked for the purposes of this blog; is 2018 a good year to purchase a residential investment property in Pierce or South King County, Washington State? The answer can depend on your goal and investment strategy.  Generally, there are two types of real estate investment strategies for residential properties. …

King-Pierce-Snohomish Counies population growth 0to18yrs from 00to09

Where You Are Moving Depends on how Old You Are

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King County, Washington has about 3 times the number of people living in it than either Pierce County or Snohomish County.  During the years 2000 to 2009, the number of children in King County grew by 10,312.  Pierce County has seen an increase of 9,412 children, and Snohomish County, 11,300.  (The definition of children are people who are 18 years …


Nothing Like a Good Cold Beer on a Sunny Day

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As a Baby Boomer growing up on the West Coast in the 60’s you could not buy Coors Beer in Washington, Oregon or California and you could not buy Olympia Beer or Rainier Beer in Idaho, Colorado or Arizona. Then the big brewers came in purchased most of the smaller beer companies and then all the beer started tasting about …


All in One Loan with Jodi Longley of CMG Financial

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Check out this amazing new loan program, All-In-One Loan with Jodi Longley of CMG Financial. Jodi Longley Loan Officer Retail Lending NMLS # 389510 Branch NMLS # 6337 PHONE: (253) 592-6506 EMAIL: [email protected]   Jim:  Hi this is Jim Clifford with Washington Realty Group and today I’m talking with Jodi Longley from CMG Financial about a new program that they …


1 % Down Program with Guild Mortgage, Amy Remington

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Wow!  Check out this loan program through Amy Remington at Guild Mortgage with 1% down!  Limited time. Watch the video of Dan Hunt and Amy Remington discuss this new loan and grant program. Dan: Hi I’m Dan Hunt with SJC Management and Washington Realty Group. We have a special guest here today, Amy Remington, she’s gonna tell us about a …


Homestyle Renovation Loan Program with Goldwater Bank

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Check out this video with Jason Clifford of SJC Management and John Juge of Goldwater Bank, Lynnwood.  They are discussing a fabulous new program called Homestyle Renovation Loan Program. Jason: Hi I’m Jason Clifford Designated Broker at SJC Management Group and I’m here with John at Goldwater Bank and we’re here to talk about a great program if you’re looking at …