Getting Your Home Ready for Winter! By, Jim Clifford

September is probably the most important month of the year for home maintenance. We need to get prepared for the unexpected that can occur over the next six months and we don’t know how severe the winter weather will be or how many storms we will have. So best to start at the top and work down.

First is the exhaust from the home. This includes furnace, fireplaces, and vent fans. Make sure they are cleaned out and free of debris. We had a bird nest in one of our exhausts this summer now it needs clean out then repairs to make sure does not happen again next year. Your furnace should be checked to make sure it is ready for the winter. The dryer is very important and if you do not clean it out can cause a fire.

Next make sure your roof is cleaned off and gutters cleaned out plus down spouts are not clogged. In addition, make sure water is running away from your home or into storm drain lines. Water is the main culprit in the winter and the idea is to make it impossible for water to get inside your home, including the crawl space.

Caulk around windows if they need it and replace worn out caulking on siding, decks and posts. Here is a list of 10 items for getting ready this winter from USA Today:

Bob Villa has a list that includes weather stripping around windows and doors, trim away branches of trees and bushes from the home and power lines plus clean and dry patio furniture. I have covers for our furniture under which I bungy cord the chairs and table together and put heavy umbrella stand base on top of the covers. Here is Bob’s list:

HGTV says to break down the tasks into two or three weekend lists you can accomplish while still watching some football. Make sure you cover exterior plumbing and drain your sprinkler system lines. Here is HGTV list:

If your going to sell your home during the winter months doing this work now can save you thousands of dollars. Should a problem occur while home on market buyers will pay less money and expect you to make repairs. If you are going to put your home on market during the winter contact your real estate agent and go over the important exterior items now before bad weather comes. You should also take exterior photos of the home for marketing now. If your home is in King, Pierce or Thurston Counties contact me, and I will be glad to discuss what will make selling your home easier for you. Email me at [email protected]