Help! My Credit is Toast and I Would Really Like to Buy a Home! By, Rick Jusenius

My Credit is Toast and I Would Really Like to Buy a Home

First things first! Let’s back up a few steps. Everyone’s definition of crummy credit is different and so often there are extenuating circumstances. Let’s not give up but rather than previewing your dream home, we should address your individual circumstances and come up with a cure.

There are so many different financing scenarios available today that with some diligence one can usually find a solution with some guidance and patience. We could write a book discussing various financing options available today, although we really need to drill down and gather some facts about your particular situation. Then we can explore some relevant solutions.

For a complimentary discussion of your exact situation please give me a call and we can arrange for a private and confidential discussion concerning your wants, needs, and challenges.

You are never under any obligation! Together home ownership can really become your dream come true.

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