I Didn’t Know That! By, Jim Clifford

At the gym a couple of acquittances were discussing the home that one of them just moved into. She is currently spiffing up the home. She purchased it two months ago. The previous owner had not maintained the home very well and let it run down. She bought the home at an unbelievably low price compared to what other similar homes in the same neighborhood are selling for.

First thing she is doing is painting the front door. It is weather worn, and the original paint was not very good. She is painting it black. Which according to money magazine is considered the best color to paint a door to add value to the home: http://money.com/money/5317086/front-door-paint-color-house-worth/. The other acquittance does maintenance jobs and he will do the painting and seal the door for her, at a fee.

Next, she is going to two local garden nurseries to get ideas of what plants she should put in her front yard. With a photo of the front of the home and an overhead photo of the home from a drone she will go ask the landscape experts what plants will work best. Here are photos with list of best plants for the Pacific Northwest: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/99571841733911302/

I couldn’t help but add my two cents to the conversation and gave her the name of a company that will come out and reset her sprinklers to make sure they are working and are set correctly for the height and width of the plants she purchases. We then discussed how to get the moss out of her grass and get the lawn healthier. While Iron will kill the moss, eventually iron will make the soil acidic. Moss loves acidic soil. She will need to put fertilizer on the grass that is more alkaline, which grass loves. For more information on Organic lawn care: https://www.planetnatural.com/organic-lawn-care-101/seasonal-maintenance/

All toll she expects to spend about $3,000 in cost to make the front of her home stand out. If the previous owner had taken the time effort and or spent money to do these things, he would have sold his home a lot faster and for a lot more than the $3,000. He most likely walked away from about $7,000 to $10,000.

Zig Ziglar when he gave talks would ask if you had a thoroughbred horse worth a quarter million; half million or even a million dollars how would you treat it? Wouldn’t you care for it spend money on it and take good care of it. Why do some home owners treat their investments in their real estate with less respect that they would a horse?

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