The Importance of Professional Photography, By Dan Hunt

The Importance of Professional Photography

Have you ever looked at pictures of homes for sale or rent at your computer and asked yourself “what were they thinking?” You can see the family photos all over the refrigerator, personal items throughout the home.  Cluttered countertops, the photos are tilted, maybe even a little blurry, and not much light.  We all think we are photographers!

I can remember back in the “olden days” when my Father gave me his 35mm hand me down camera, I KNEW I was a “photographer”! I’d be driving down the road and perhaps it was Mt Rainier or Lake Washington or a spectacular sunset, I’d pull over, grab the 35mm and take a picture knowing that I had an award winning photo or at least a frame able picture, only to be disappointed when 2-3 weeks later when I finally would finish the roll of film, take it in to the photo-mat, pay ten bucks to get my “masterpieces” back, and then say what??? This is not what I saw with my eyes.  The camera, does not lie, it captures what is there, and not what your brain thinks is there.

The difference between a professional photographer and a “wanna-be” is defined:

An amateur will take one picture and just know they got a great shot; a professional will take multiple photos and hope they have one that is useable.

The professional photographer has an ability (natural or learned) to know the best angles to use, how to light up a subject, also will know what NOT to take a picture of!  They can also coach on what to do to make the home look as appealing as possible given what they have to work with.

A virtual tour (or Matter port camera system) can also give a potential buyer or renter an amazing ability to do a walk through from the comfort of their own home. This is a highly specialized camera a 3D camera utilized by only a few real estate professionals.  The cost of these systems will prevent most folks outside of the housing industry to ever acquire one.  Not to mention the training and skill to operate this type of photography equipment.

Another fairly new technology being utilized is the drone photographer. Always best to hire a professional for these shots, a professional will have the latest drones with the highest resolution for very fine pictures, plus they will be licensed to operate drones.

When interviewing Real Estate Agents, be sure to ask what type of photography each office offers. It really does make a difference.