Is This the Year to Buy Real Estate Investments By Rick Jusenius

The answer would be yes and no. Please give me an opportunity to explain.

First things first would be a recommendation to talk with your accountant and discuss tax ramifications of investing in non-owner occupied investments. There are different benefits depending on your income and other investments that could impact the attributes of making additional Real Estate purchases.

You need to develop a strategy in regards to the length of the holding time and how you will exit the investment. Such as maybe doing a 1031 Tax Deferred exchange into a future investment property. Or maybe this would just be a long term hold and let your tenant’s payoff the mortgage to allow for excellent cash flow during those retirement years.

The next step would be identifying some potential properties and reviewing their current financials along with performing an accurate forecast of future performance know as Pro Forma.

Finally review the numbers and make a wise investment that offers a return after all factors being considered.