A little about me

and why I love real estate

I started Washington Realty Group in 1998 as the designated broker.

Prior to Washington Realty Group I was the designated broker for Northwest Community Brokers which was located on the corner of Sumner Tapps Highway and West Tapps Drive. I helped that company grow from 3 people to over a 50-person office.

In the 1990’s I was a national real estate trainer for ERA Real Estate Franchise, instructor for Pierce County Community College and a member of the board of Directors for both the Pierce and King County Association of Realtors.

Since starting Washington Realty Group I changed my personal focus to helping people sell and buy individual homes, lots, and investment properties. In the past 20 plus years have closed more than 2,000 transactions while expanding my abilities to market homes and help people purchase.

The most rewarding aspect is seeing how homeownership improves my clients lives personally and financially.

The real estate sales industry like so many other occupations has gone through huge changes over the past two decades and will continue to go through even more over then next few years. Honesty, knowledge, and reliable communication is one of the important abilities that a professional real estate broker needs to provide. If you want to talk about selling or buying real estate you can reach me by phone, Text, email, Facebook messenger, or Telegraph app.