Let’s Make Our Home Stand Out for Potential Buyers! By, Rick Jusenius

First things first! It’s all about curb appeal! With over a quarter of a century helping buyers and sellers. Let me make a few personal observations. Typically, from a buyer’s perspective, the decision of yes or no about an offer to purchase happens within two minutes upon arriving at your home. This means the yard should be shining with trimmed up grass and attractive plantings and or shrubbery with a fresh topping of mulch. Seasonal flowers near the front door in containers always create a great impression. Speaking of the front door it should have fresh paint and like new hardware.

Upon entering the home, you need to make it sparkle. Some possible fresh paint and super cleaning will go a long way. The windows and screens should be cleaned. Damaged shades or blinds should either be removed or replaced. Consider updating outdated light fixtures throughout your home particularly in all main living areas. Sometimes you might replace cabinet hardware for a fresh clean look, at a low cost.

You will need to go through the closets and remove enough stuff so as they are only about half full. This will make your home feel larger and create an illusion of extra storage space for the potential buyer.

Let’s not forget about the garage! Time to box up some of those treasures to prepare for your move. Consider replacing the ceiling fixtures with the new LED strip lights to brighten up space.

For a complete in-home consultation please call me as I am happy to share my experiences with all. That is what it’s about, a collection of thoughts and recommendations from the thousands of homes toured throughout the years!

All my Best, Rick Jusenius