Live where I am or find a home that fits my needs – By Jim Clifford

Live where I am or find a home that fits my needs

Preparing Current Home to Live in Place

As we age the desire to stay in the same home becomes more entrenched. Many people believe the physical and emotional energy is beyond their capabilities. This is usually more imagination than reality, but if you are considering aging in place there are physical changes to your home that you should consider.

According to here are some of the top items you should consider. Here is a link to their web site about this subject

  1. Widen doorways
  2. Install lever-style doorknobs
  3. Put grab bars in bathrooms
  4. Replace flooring in bathrooms, utility room and kitchen with slip-resistant material
  5. Install a walk-in bathtub
  6. Consider replacing carpeting with hardwood flooring in family room, master bedroom, and any room used consistently.
  7. Adjust countertops in Kitchen and Master bathroom
  8. Build a Wheel Chair Ramp to get in and out of the home
  9. If you live in a multi-level home or 2 story home consider a chair lift or small elevator

At this point you should be looking at all of these items and asking yourself how much will these items cost? A good website for this information is . This site has products, technology, money tips and other good information for seniors that want to stay where they are.

Pre-Designed Senior Living

Frankly, moving into a home designed and built for senior living usually is a better option. Having all of the amenities on one level can enhance your day to day living by being more functional and relieving physical stress. In addition, the interior is usually very open with lots of natural light and lots of windows. AARP has webpage asking “can you afford to age in place?” .


How to Make Changes

Find a contractor that is familiar with remodeling homes for senior living and have them give you a bid. Next ask a real estate agent you trust to estimate what your equity (after all cost including any repairs) will be if you sell. Have a mortgage loan representative give you options and cost on buying a home with your equity plus what you can afford or using a reverse mortgage. Then you can make an informed decision. If you have family, ask them to help you. If you do not have family to help, there is help at local senior centers. This should not be a snap decision, take your time to make sure you are doing the right thing for you.