Real Estate Outlook for 2019! By, Rick Jusenius

Could this possibly be the right time to invest in Real Estate?

Let’s look where we’ve been and how that relates to now. The last few years we have seen a dramatic rise in prices as part of a recovery from the big crash. Up until recently we have been experiencing a shortage of available inventory. The market is changing and my forecast for 2019 will be a more “balanced market” By this saying an increasing amount of available homes in most markets along with stabilization of prices. Some super overheated specific markets have recently been experiencing falling sales prices rather than appreciation.

In general terms we need to get back to basics. The old saying about location is more important than ever and the wise investor will once again pay close attention to this often overlooked detail. Rising interest rates are most certainly on the horizon and this will continue to damper sales volume. Sellers will increasingly become easier to work with and inventory levels will continue to improve slightly.

Be patient as you begin your search and gather information about the key areas you’re interested in. Make an informed decision based upon schools, the ease of a commute, crime statistics and a sense of community that fits your lifestyle.

Happy House Hunting and wish you my very best.