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Interactive: Least Affordable Housing in Washington

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Have you ever wondered what is the most affordable county in Washington State to live in? We found this cool interactive graph which compares the median income with the median home value. We all know Seattle and King County home prices are high but when one compares median income it turns out San Jaun County is the least affordable place …

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House Renovation – Before and After Story

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Hello this is Rick Jusenius, Washington Realty Group. Hey thanks for joining us again. Today I’ve got a couple of interesting video clips I wanted to share with you. A couple of fix and flips. Ones located out of Steilacoom, rambler that was purchased by an investor, renovated and then resold. And the other property is in downtown Tacoma; an …

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Flipping Real Estate – It Isn’t Easy

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Thanks for joining me again, this is Rick Jusenius, Washington Realty Group. Right now it’s good morning. I want to talk a little bit about fix and flip. A lot of interest generated over the last few years.  Lots of television programs about the buying a home that needs work and then going into the renovation. Then turning it for …

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How to Choose a Home Inspector

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Home Inspection: Hello I just wanted to take a moment to talk to you a little bit about the value of a home inspection and the whole process. Whether you started a home inspection before you make an offer to purchase or do you start that process down the road after you’re under contract and it’s a subject to a condition of your purchase. There’s a …

Active Properties for Sale

Washington Realty Group’s currently Active Real Estate Listings: Are you looking for a new home or land? Explore our currently active properties below. If you find one you like give your real estate agent a call.  If you don’t have a real estate agent then call or use the contact form to contact us. If you’re not interested in one …


Should I Rent or Buy a Home?

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Choosing whether to rent or own a home is not an easy decision. It requires you to carefully examine the factors and costs associated with each option. Which is better? That depends. Your unique economic situation, lifestyle and goals play the largest part in deciding what is better for you. It’s important to go into your calculations with open eyes. …