Staying on Top of being 55+

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Baby Boomers are in charge.

For people who are aging, making the decision of where to live is makes most very anxious. There are both physically and financially aspects to that decision. If you listen to radio, watch TV or read online news, it seems that a major advertising trend is companies wanting to help managing your money or your housing. Some want to do both! Since the baby boomer generation is now the second largest generational group it still represents a huge portion of the population plus it has more money than any other generation.

Using the Internet to your advantage.

My real estate business more and more seems to be working with families transitioning adults into one level homes, condominiums, senior living or assisted living. Reliance of resources that provide good unbiased information has become extremely important. Having the internet to help is without question one of the most important tools every family should take advantage of. Whether you are investigating for yourself or obtaining information for your parents or grandparents, finding good unbiased information is important.

55 Plus General Information

For good general information on all sorts of subjects here are some places to start. AARP has their blogs at they also have podcast series such as “The Prefect Scam” to help people avoid being scammed. Another site to get a plethora of good information is Even the Huffington Post has a part of their site geared towards plus 50 year olds but expect it to be politically biased.

55 Plus Health

For health and wellness there are a number of blogs depending on where you are physically and mentally. The institute of aging blog is that includes learning technology and senior spring cleaning tips. Simply Senior Fitness has blogs on keeping physically fit at . The Blog “A Well Run Life” has excellent blogs on healthy living and eating, their blog is

55 Plus Housing

Finally if you are searching for information on what to look for in senior housing or assisted living here are some blogs. is a national network of 55+ housing location. A blog designed to help families get the most from elder care is inside elder care blog Best known for finding a good location for seniors needing assistance to live is A Place for Mom. Their blog is

Whether you are on your own or helping family members, don’t put off the hard subject of making your plans of where you want to live. Start with small steps of for the next five years this is the living situation that makes the most sense.

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