The Dos and Don’ts of Making Your Moving Day Less Stressful

Moving day can be an extremely stressful day, but thankfully, there are many simple ways to lower your moving day stress levels. Staying organized and planning ahead are two of the key ways to make moving day an enjoyable one. Simple actions like confirming your moving dates and details, starting to pack well in advance, and labeling your boxes will go a long way in reducing stress. While some moving day stress can’t be avoided, there are countless ways to reduce the amount of stress.

DO have a plan for help.
One of the quickest ways to have a stressful moving day is to have a scheduling snafu and not have any help or a moving truck. Whether you plan to hire movers or move yourself, having a plan for help is essential. Before moving day, you need to confirm with either your moving company or friends who are helping you move so all the details are confirmed. To keep your helpers feeling appreciated, it’s smart to have snacks and drinks for them.

DON’T forget to plan for meals and snacks.
Moving day is exhausting so you will need to have a plan for meals and snacks to keep you energized and feeling ready to conquer the day. Instead of trying to cook on moving day, you should try to keep it simple. Having a friend bring a meal or ordering takeout are smart ideas, and you should also keep out a trash bag to throw food wrappers and other waste away. Having plenty of bottled water is key too because you need to stay hydrated throughout moving day.

DO pack a moving night bag packed.
To avoid having to sort through multiple boxes on the first night, pack a moving night bag with the essential items you will need. You should include a few changes of clothes, toiletries, medication, chargers, and any other items you will need for the first few days. By packing these items together, you won’t have to stress about finding the essentials and can focus on unpacking on your own schedule.

DON’T wait until the last minute to start packing.
When packing, everyone always has more items than they think, and for this reason alone, you should start the packing process as soon as possible. You can start with seasonal items and décor and leave items you use regularly until closer to your moving day. It’s also a smart idea to declutter before you start packing so you’re having to pack and move fewer items. You can donate these items or sell them to help offset moving costs.

DO make a plan for your children and pets.
For young children and pets, moving day is a chaotic day full of changes and activities. If possible, you should make plans ahead of time for your children and pets to stay somewhere else on moving day and maybe the day after. It’ll be easier on everyone if younger children and pets can come to new space once the majority of the moving frenzy has died down. If your children and pets need to stay with you on moving day, try to have one area of the house where they can be and have a few activities available to keep them entertained.

DON’T neglect to take preventative actions.
Taking preventative actions goes a long way in making your moving day less stressful. You can lay coverings (tarps, plastic, sheets, etc.) down in major walkways so you don’t have to worry about your new floors getting dirty. It’s also a good idea to sweep off your driveway and pathways before starting to unpack so you limit the amount of dirt being tracked in. You should also take time to make sure your utilities are turned on at your new space before moving day.

DO label your boxes before moving day.
Whether you use a color-coding system or simply label each box with its new location, you need to label your boxes prior to moving day. Before you start the packing process, spend some time thinking about which labeling system will work best for you so that after you pack each box, you can label it directly. By labeling beforehand, it’ll cut down on moving day stress and free up your time for other moving tasks.

DON’T place important documents and belongings in with other items.
To avoid misplacing important documents and belongings, you should store these items separately and transport them yourself. It’s a smart idea to have a folder with all important paperwork so you are certain of its location and take photocopies in case you need to quickly reference it.

No matter how much you plan in advance, moving day is bound to throw a few curveballs your way, but staying calm and taking a minute to breathe will help you find a logical solution. However, a great deal of moving day stress can be limited so it’s crucial to find ways beforehand that will help your moving day be as stress-free as possible.

Valerie Cox is a contributing writer for SMARTBOX Moving and Storage. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, playing with her dog, and volunteering in her local community.