Thinking of Selling Your Home Prior to Spring? By, Rick Jusenius

Something can certainly said about cozy. During those fall and winter months this gives us all an opportunity to really cozy up our nests. This is something that is more difficult to achieve during those blazing summer months. Think about a crackling fire along with that simmering pot roast and one can begin to create the picture.
If considering a possible sale during the next few months this would be a great time to prepare.

Begin by a fall cleanup of the yard and walkways and then consider taking some high resolution pictures of your homes exterior and planting areas while we still have some color in the landscape. This also a great time to clean the windows and possibly improve outdoor lighting as the days become shorter. Moving along into the interior let’s talk about lighting. The new LED bulbs are fantastic and you might want to consider replacing all of your dingy fluorescent bulbs with this newer very efficient bulb that offers a much more pleasing light. Go through your home room by room at night and check out the effects of adding some additional lighting. This could be through a combination of replacing a few fixtures, changing bulbs and or adding some indirect lighting behind furniture groupings along with the addition of a table lamp or two.

Those rooms that have dingy paint should also be freshened up along with any worn out window treatments. It’s all about light whether it be natural or artificial. This is especially true during those winter months. So check out the ways one can flood a room with light and be a little creative. Old dark and heavy drapes should be updated with light filtering fabric or shades that still offer privacy as needed but allow the natural light to shine through.
Next is time to clean, clean and clean. Along with getting rid of all that extra stuff (This will also make moving easier) After all of your hard work it’s time to relax and enjoy your home with family and friends. You will just feel better knowing that you have prepared your home for a possible future sale and if not you’re really going to enjoy your freshened up nest.

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