The Value of Having Your Real Estate Professional Perform an In-depth Analysis of Your Real Estate, By Rick Jusenius

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Wait a minute. That’s what a Zestimate from Zillow is for. Better yet I’ll just take my appraised value from the County Assessor and add 20 percent. Both of the above solutions will not provide a very accurate result. For most of us our home is one of our most valued assets and you shouldn’t roll the dice in determining its worth.

Slow down a bit and have your property reviewed in person with your trusted Real Estate Professional. We will take the time to look at a variety of factors affecting the market value of your home. For many years location was a big factor and still very true today. The amount of homes similar to yours within a reasonable proximity that are actively on the market is another contributing factor. Another consideration would be recent pending and sold properties.

Upon review of the market we would discuss the condition of your home and improvements that would add value. Along with that we would compare your property to others that have sold and discuss their condition as compared to yours.

Together we can accurately discuss the market and come up with a truly winning situation for yourself and perfect the perfect timing for your next move.

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Rick Jusenius

I began my Real Estate career in 1972 right after graduating from High School. Back in the day one could sell Real Estate using a temporary permit from the Department of Licensing and so began my six month experiment. After several years of being a machinist, sales, and a self employed General Contractor, my full time Real Estate career was launched in 1992. Being in a position to have a wealth of support staff, my attention has focused on my main goal of superior client services. We welcome the opportunity to provide you our very best.