Is Winter a Bad Time to Sell My Home? By, Dan Hunt

No Doubt, if you are selling your home in the fall and winter season you may think that you have missed the market. Nothing could be further from the truth, the market has shifted but is still vibrant. In the Pacific NW we typically have an active market year round, the mild weather cannot compare to areas of the country with more severe weather patterns. Traditional home buying and selling seasons have evolved as a result of instant internet access to property listings. While spring is still the hottest home-buying season, serious home buyers are always on the lookout, checking out the latest listings on their tablet before bed or while waiting for their kid’s football game to end.

A few things to consider today if you are selling anytime soon.

Take your pictures now! We have fantastic colors with the leaves turning and the blue skies make for great marketing photos, not to mention hire a professional photographer for the best results.

Keep the yard clean (blow the leaves off your yard) not only for the pictures but for the showings too.

Keep the heat on, especially if you have a basement, where it is almost always colder than the main floors, buyers will feel the warmth in the basement and not associate the lower lever with a chilly feeling. Keep the lights on too!

Be ready to move: Declutter, (have you heard that before?) rent a storage space to keep all the clutter out of the home. If a buyer wants to close quickly then you will be ready. Since this is the time when school is in session, buyers will want to make the move as fast as possible so as not to disrupt the kids school schedule.

Wash your windows well! With the sun at more of an angle this time of year, the hand/fingerprints smears and webs will be visible to all.

Most importantly….Don‘t deny access! Without a doubt, buyers will ask to see the home at the most inconvenient times, On Thanksgiving day, New Year’s Day, maybe even Christmas! Some won’t come back if you say no, and you could miss your perfect buyer!

According to Trulia winter is actually a better time to sell homes because homes sell faster and for more money in the winter. That seems surprising to me too but here is a link to their information:

If your plans are to list your home this fall, and you would like to have a personal consultation with a real estate professional please call or text to myself, Dan Hunt at 253-826-7514 or email [email protected]