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3D walkthroughs (virtual tours) can be viewed with or without VR Glasses.

The best way to show your home without risking getting Covid-19.

Sellers, explore how 3D virtual tours are essential to selling a home.

Home buyers, see how a 3D virtual home tour can benefit you in your new home.

Real Estate Investors

Innovative investment financing:

Which is based on the value of the home, not your credit?

Eliminates need for reserve amounts for future repairs and improvements.

A: Home Value

A homes value is always changing. There are number of factors that determine home value, such as: supply vs. demand, size, location and condition etc.

Many people use online home valuations for convenience although they are not the most accurate. Consulting with a Real Estate Agent or hiring a assessor are the most common ways to obtain a true estimation of worth. Contact us if you would like one of our agents to provide you with a professional home valuation to sell your home or for Tax purposes.

A: Home repair and updates to sell your home

Some repairs or updates are sometimes needed to obtain the maximum sale price. You might wonder, where do I find the money to get my home ready to sell?

We have options to get work completed and the costs are not paid back until your home sale closes. Let’s talk and see which one works best for you.

A: An iBuyer with an Instant Offer!

There are options for those who need a speedy sale followed by a quick closing! For these situations, we work with purchasers who have immediate buying power, known as iBuyers. These buyers have the ability to provide offers in no time, often within just a few business days. We make these types of sales possible by gathering some basic information about your home, which we then present to the iBuyers. Curious to hear more? Our real estate professionals are available to help you discover all of the possibilities!

A: Your maximum monthly payment that you can afford.

A mortgage professional can provide you with the best information. We can suggest some mortgage pros that have demonstrated an ability to get you the best mortgages to complete your home purchase.

A. How much money you can afford.

That depends – how much would you need for a down payment? What are the closing costs? Is the home eligible for the type of financing you’ll be using? Are there repairs that need to be done before you can call it home? With the many factors involved here, it’s important to know where you stand. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available to help you choose the best route to take! A mortgage professional can assist you in determining what scenarios would work best for your individual needs. Not currently working with a lender, or don’t know where to start? No problem – we’ve got your back! Let us recommend a mortgage professional to help get you on your way to home ownership!

A: Credit score

Could you imagine if we had to pay cash for every home purchase? How many of us could actually afford to buy a home outright? Lucky for us, our credit makes home ownership possible by extending financing options that otherwise wouldn’t exist. Credit allows us to own property that we can then pay for over time. A higher credit rating equals more financing options & opportunities versus a low score – simply put, this equates to more buying power!


PITI stands for Principal, Interest, Taxes & Insurance. What a pity to forget about PITI… these are key expenses that come together to make up a typical mortgage payment. That’s right! Principal & Interest are only half of the equation! Be sure to check the fine print when reviewing estimated monthly mortgage payments – did they include Taxes & Insurances in the total?

A: They realized it was just a scheme!

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