14 Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2020 – Best Fake Christmas Trees

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14 Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2020 – Best Fake Christmas Trees
by Trees.com Staff – last update on November 16, 2020, 10:17 am

The Christmas tree — full, green, and adorned with twinkling lights and tinsel — is the centerpiece of most people’s Christmas decorations. An artificial tree may have its benefits like no watering, no shedding, and reusable year after year, but it needs to look like the real thing to be worthy of center stage in your home.

We reviewed more than 75 different artificial trees in order to find the ones that are the most realistic, durable, and user-friendly. We considered customer reviews, expert recommendations, and more in making our list of the best realistic artificial Christmas trees.

14 Best Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees

Balsam Hill
When you see a realistic-looking artificial Christmas tree in a film or TV show, there’s a good chance it’s a Balsam Hill tree. This company has been creating award-winning artificial trees since 2006, and has become known among customers and industry experts alike for its lifelike, durable artificial trees. Balsam Hill trees are sold exclusively through their website and at some Nordstrom locations, and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs.

Best Classic Tree — Classic Blue Spruce
Price: $499-$1,099 | Reviews: 4.3 / 5 stars (443 ratings) |
Besides having the traditional Christmas tree look that many people seek, Balsam Hill’s Classic Blue Spruce is a popular choice for its optionality. This tree comes in heights ranging from 4.5 to 7.5 feet, and customers can choose from unlit, clear, colored, or twinkly lights. The needles have subtle blue-green and silver undertones, and are strong enough to ensure you won’t have a pile to sweep up when the holidays are over.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers give this Balsam Hill tree high marks for being sturdy, durable, and easy to assemble. “This is the first time we’ve had an artificial tree and I’m impressed with the look and quality of the tree,” says one customer. “Putting it together is easy, and it is beautiful!”

Best Apartment Tree — Fifth Avenue Flatback Tree
Price: $499 | Reviews: 4.7 / 5 stars (82 ratings) |
We love this realistic tree for its innovative design, which makes it ideal for small spaces. The tree’s flat back sits flush against the wall, while its dense evergreen foliage gives the appearance of a full, lifelike tree. Balsam Hill offers the Fifth Avenue Flatback tree in two heights, 6 feet and 7 feet, and customers can choose between multicolored or candlelight clear LED lights.

What Customers Are Saying
Many customers would recommend this tree to friends, based on how attractive and easy to assemble it is. We downsized into a small one story. This tree is the perfect size for a smaller home. It takes up less space but is just as beautiful and lifelike as our original full size Balsam Hill tree.”

Best Choice Products
With a unique direct-to-consumer manufacturing model, Best Choice Products provides customers with quality and value. They manufacture and sell a variety of artificial trees, including pre-lit, unlit, flocked, and penciled Christmas trees. Best Choice Products trees topped our list for price point and easy-of-assembly, and customers praise the brand for making a Christmas tree that looks like a million bucks, but costs a lot less. Best Choice Products can be purchased on Amazon, Walmart, and directly from its website.

Best Pre-Lit Tree — Pre-Lit Christmas Pine Tree
Price: $109.99 | Reviews: 4.3 / 5 stars (28 ratings) |
Based on value, appearance, and quality, we chose Best Choice Products’ Christmas pine tree as our pick for the best pre-lit tree. Depending on the tree’s size (it comes in 6, 7, and 9 foot varieties), each tree comes pre-hung with strands of incandescent lights, for a soft, twinkly glow. We also love the details of pine cones and artificial berries on the partially flocked branches, for a bit of additional festiveness.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like this tree for being attractive while also being a good value. Says one customer, “The price is reasonable, and I like the decoration of pine cones and built-in lights.” Adds another customer, “It’s very easy to assemble, and looks great. I would recommend this tree.”

Best Value — Premium Artificial Pine Christmas Tree
Price: $49.99 | Reviews: 4.2 / 5 stars (3,588 ratings) |
For those on a budget, this classic, unadorned artificial pine tree is a great option for a lifelike tree at an affordable price. Standing 6 feet tall on a sturdy metal base, this tree has over 1,000 pine tips, giving it a full, natural appearance. As an undecorated tree, this is also a great option for people who like to change their lighting and decoration schemes from year to year.

What Customers Are Saying
According to customers, not only is this tree a good value, it is easy to assemble, and ideal for small spaces. “It’s the perfect tree for a small space, and looks nice and full,” says one customer. “It’s very stable, and the color is also a lovely, deep green.”

Easiest Assembly — Premium Artificial Spruce Christmas Tree
Price: $84.99 | Reviews: 4.6 / 5 stars (4,011 ratings) |
Some people might be hesitant to purchase an artificial tree because of the assembly required, but the Premium Artificial Spruce tree from Best Choice Products makes set-up a snap. You can assemble the tree in three easy steps, by connecting the smaller top sections to the base. This simple assembly leaves plenty of time for fluffing the branches and decorating with all of your favorite lights and ornaments.

What Customers Are Saying
This tree gets high marks from customers for being easy to assemble and install, as well as its value. “I still love [this tree] just as much as I did the first year I put it up,” says one customer. “It’s easy to take down, and just as easy to put up.”

Best Fully Decorated Tree — Pre-Lit Pre-Decorated Spruce Christmas Tree
Price: $99.99 | Reviews: 4.4 / 5 stars (11 ratings) |
Best Choice Products’ Pre-Lit, Pre-Decorated Spruce Christmas tree provides an added touch of holiday cheer with its delightful details of holly berries, pinecones, and twinkle lights. Although the sturdy, lifelike branches can hold your favorite garland and ornaments, we like this tree as an option for people who want to do minimal decorating, as it looks festive enough on its own.

What Customers Are Saying
According to customers, what they like best about this tree is that it is a beautiful decoration for an affordable price. “It’s a beautiful tree with great color,” says one customer. Adds another, “The quality is good for the price. Now I have a gorgeous tree, and we will have a merry Christmas indeed!”

National Tree Company
National Tree Company has been a leading importer and wholesaler of artificial Christmas trees for over 60 years. Customers can purchase their trees through Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wayfair, and other retailers. This New Jersey-based company offers many different pre-lit and unlit trees in popular varieties like Carolina Pine, Dunhill Fir, North Valley Spruce, and more. National Tree Company made their way onto our list for their different shapes and colors.

Most Realistic — “Feel Real” Pre-Lit Carolina Pine Artificial Christmas Tree
Price: $619.99 | Reviews: 4.6 / 5 stars (1,188 ratings) |
National Tree Company uses trademarked “Feel Real” needle technology and individually crafted branch tips to give their artificial Christmas trees the most realistic look and feel possible. This Carolina Pine tree has subtle coloring variations and pinecone details, giving it an authentic appearance. As an added bonus, it comes pre-lit with 750 UL white lights. We also like it for being sturdy, non-allergenic, and fire-resistant.

What Customers Are Saying
This is a sturdy, easy to assemble tree, according to customers. “This tree it’s absolutely beautiful,” says one customer. “No fake tree will ever match a real tree but this one is the closest I have ever seen. It’s rustic and beautiful in our window!”

Best Narrow Tree — Kingswood Fir Slim
Price: $149.99 | Reviews: 4.5 / 5 stars (2,863 ratings) |
If a tall, narrow tree suits your needs or preferences better, our choice is National Tree Company’s Kingswood Fir Slim artificial tree. Available in heights ranging from 4 feet to 16 feet, this tree is ideal for small spaces. It does not come pre-lit, allowing customers to completely customize every aspect of their tree’s appearance. As with all National Tree Company products, the branch tips are individually crafted, and the needles are non-allergenic and fire-resistant.

What Customers Are Saying
This is an ideal tree for small spaces, thanks to its minimal footprint and easy storage. “I’m really glad I bought this tree,” says one customer. “Once it was fluffed and lights were in place I knew it was going to look great when decorated and it did not disappoint.”

Best White Tree — Winchester White Pine
Price: $409.99 | Reviews: 4.3 / 5 stars (82 ratings) |
For people who like the unique look of a white tree, our recommendation is National Tree Company’s Winchester White Pine. This artificial tree features pretty white needles topped with silver glitter, and comes pre-lit with white lights, for a fresh, snow-globe feel. All 982 branch tips on this 7-foot tall tree are individually crafted for a realistic appearance. The pre-strung lights are designed to keep glowing even if one burns out.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers looking for a sturdy, easy-to-assemble tree will find what they are looking for here. “This is the most beautiful white Christmas tree I have ever seen,” says one customer. “It’s perfect, no extra lights needed.” Another customer praises it as “the most gorgeous Christmas tree on the planet!”

Best Tree with Snow — Dunhill Fir Tree
Price: $359.99 | Reviews: 4.2 / 5 stars (13 ratings) |
One of the benefits of an artificial tree is that it can feature elements that are otherwise impossible, like snow-covered branches. This Dunhill Fir tree from National Tree Company brings the feeling of a fresh coating of snow into your home, with its white-tipped branches, clusters of red berries, and pinecone accents. Other features we like about this tree are the pre-strung white lights, durable base and body, and ease of assembly.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers praise this tree for being beautiful and realistic. “My husband and I were both amazed at how beautiful the tree is,” says one customer. “The tree is very full and looks so realistic. I love the pine cones and red berries already on the tree.”

Best Tall Tree — Dunhill Fir
Price: $569.55 | Reviews: 4.6 / 5 stars (2,196 ratings) |
A tall tree has to be a showstopper, with an authentic look and feel. This 12-foot Dunhill Fir artificial tree from National Tree Company fits the bill, with nearly 8,000 individually crafted, lush, green branch tips. It can take up to two hours to fully fluff this tree, but it’s worth the effort, for such a full, realistic-looking tree. It is not pre-lit or pre-decorated, so you can customize the finished look however you want.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like this tree because it is easy to set up, and has a beautiful, realistic look. “This tree was exactly what we wanted,” says one customer. “Once it was decorated it looked as real as any real tree I have ever seen.”

Best Outdoor Tree — Artificial Christmas Tree for Entrances
Price: $64.99 | Reviews: 4.3 / 5 stars (125 ratings) |
Small artificial trees can be great accents on tabletops, in entryways, or on lawns. For this type of decoration, we like National Tree Company’s artificial Christmas tree for entrances. This 3-foot tall tree adds a charming touch to any indoor or outdoor display with white twinkle lights and a green pot. All 416 branch tips are individually crafted, non-allergenic, fire-resistant, and sturdy enough to hold your favorite ornaments.

What Customers Are Saying
This tree is a popular option for small spaces, and also gets high marks for being a good value. “I just love it,” says one customer. “It came all in one piece, and was so very easy to put up. So happy with how it looks!”

The Vickerman family started selling seasonal decor in 1940. Since then, this Minnesota-based company has grown into a major importer and wholesaler of artificial Christmas trees, lights, and other decorations. Available through Wayfair, Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart and other retailers, Vickerman artificial trees come in several different varieties, shapes, and sizes. Their entry onto our list included their unique “upside-down” tree.

Best Upside Down Tree — Pre-Lit Upside Down Tree
Price: $304.99 | Reviews: 3.8 / 5 stars (3 ratings) |
A unique twist on the classic Christmas decoration, Vickerman’s pre-lit Upside Down tree is sure to be an eye-catching centerpiece of any holiday display. A sturdy metal base holds up the tree, which spreads out at the top, giving it the appearance of being suspended from the ceiling. Customers can have their Upside Down tree unlit, or pre-strung with traditional or LED clear or multicolored lights.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers love Vickerman’s Upside Down tree for the extra whimsy it adds to a room. “This is an all-around different and interesting addition to our Christmas,” writes one customer. “It’s beautiful, lots of branches to hang ornaments, and lots of room for the train set to go around the bottom.”

Best Large Tree — Mixed Country Pine
Price: $1,102.60 | 4.6 / 5 stars (13 ratings) |
Customers looking for a large, full artificial tree to fill a room should consider Vickerman’s Mixed Country Pine Christmas tree. With nearly 2,000 branch tips, pinecone, and grapevine accents, and 950 clear Dura-Lit lights, this is an exquisite centerpiece for any holiday display. We also like Vickerman’s 5-year warranty on lights, and 10-year construction limited manufacturer warranty, guaranteeing that your tree will last year after year.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers like this tree for low maintenance yet high impact. “I assembled it easily and it looks great,” says one customer. “I love the pine cone features, which give it a bit more of a real look. This is our first artificial tree, and I’m pleased with my choice.”

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