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Is the Real Estate World Sky Falling Down? By, Jim Clifford

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Changes Regarding Real Estate Commissions If you ask some real estate brokers, they might tell you yes. Some brokers might think you’re crazy asking because the market is so busy and not have paid attention to changes that have just taken place. So, what am I talking about? Starting October 1st real estate companies can (and most will) put on …

Affordability and Spending, By Jim Clifford

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Affordability of Buying a Home increased!? Trying not to get into the political aspect of this, but even with housing prices rising, affordability of buying a home has increased according to Black-knight. To see the article click here: Black-Knight Article The blue line is affordability and the dotted line is interest rates, this doesn’t show an increase in average household …

Everything New is New for the First Time

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Changes in Real Estate. A Twist on the Old? Was the saying “Everything old is new again”? I think so, but frankly, a lot of what is new in the real estate industry is not just a twist on old ideas. In the 1980’s ERA Real Estate Franchise advertised “If we can’t sell your home, we will buy it”.  Changes …

High quality 3d render of miniature houses on a blue graph paper. Housing market concept. Miniature houses are lit by the upper left corner of composition. A red arrow in the composition is symbolizing a sharp increase in sales. Vertical composition with copy space. Great use for real estate and mortgage related concepts.

What’s Going On With The Shortage of “Affordable Homes” in Pierce County?

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Driving Up Home Prices What’s Going On With The Shortage of “Affordable Homes” in Pierce County? I would call this a spillover effect. Home prices in the greater Seattle/Bellevue area have risen so dramatically these last few years, there isn’t much left to be deemed affordable in those markets. After spending time in traffic congestion most have us have placed …

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What is Escrow and Why is it Needed? By, Mark Spurbeck

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Escrow does what? Escrow is an arrangement in which a neutral third party (the escrow agent) assembles and processes all the components of a real estate transaction (including legal documents), records the transaction, and ultimately, disburses funds according to the buyer’s and seller’s instructions. Both the buyer and seller rely on the escrow agent to carry out their mutually consistent …

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Beware of Today’s Loan Modifications. By Lisa A. Schultz- Chicago Title

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Beware of Today’s Loan Modifications. There is a new loan modification that some banks are using that could cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars over their current loan amount. In the early 2000s, and during the recession years of 2008-2012, when homeowners faced financial hardships they could contact their lender to ask for a loan modification. If the lender …

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Why You Need Title Insurance By Mark Spurbeck

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Does your home title have recorded defects? When it’s time to sell your home and buy a new home, why wouldn’t you take every precaution to protect it? Our business is protecting ownership of your property: often the largest financial transaction you’ll make in your life. For a relatively low, one-time premium, you’re protected against legal problems over property rights …

Person applying exterior paint

Selecting a Color and Time for Your Exterior Paint Refresh. By, Rick Jusenius

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When you’re in the mood is always a good time for a fresh exterior paint job. Fortunately, we have wonderful paint choices today and with an oil-based product, it can be applied in not so favorable weather conditions. Water-based products work great in the summer, just be sure the product is not applied during the extreme heat of the day. …

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Doing It Again. By, Jim Clifford

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Baby Boomers are Living Differently Just like so many other differences from previous generations, Baby Boomers are continuing to live differently than previous generations.  We are staying in the workforce at a percentage much higher than previous generations, with over 53% of Boomers in retirement age still working according to Pew Research;” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”> . Baby Boomers are still …