Mortgage application loan agreement and house key


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Recently I had a client contact me regarding a call they received from an online mortgage lender. My client, who is a disabled veteran, purchased his first home and I had helped him obtain the loan. This online mortgage lender said they could refinance his home at no costs and save my client money. Thankfully, my client made a very …

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Why Big Data Matters to Homeowners. By, Jim Clifford

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Data Increasing According to Americans use almost 4.4 million Gigabytes of internet data every minute. There are over 188,000 emails sent and 18,100,000 texts sent plus 390,030 apps downloaded. For us that remember how difficult it was to have enough random memory in our computers to send one picture this amount of memory use is beyond staggering. Technology has already …

New Construction

The Cost of New Construction and How Does it Impact the Value of Existing Homes? By, Rick Jusenius

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The Cost of New Construction and How Does it Impact the Value of Existing Homes? That’s a great question and there is most certainly a relationship between the value of new versus preowned. As a Realtor, we are always talking about home affordability and wish we had a magic wand to reduce the cost of new construction. Material costs currently …

Grow Your Down Payment With HomeFundIt

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Grow your down payment with HomeFundIt. Crowdfund to raise funds, shop with UpIt to get funds pledged, or do both! Start Crowdfunding Share your story online. Family, friends, and strangers can give to support you in becoming a homeowner Participating Stores Shop at participating retailers and a percentage of your purchase goes toward HomeFundIt campaigns. No transaction fees, almost anyone …

Mortgage Lenders – Learn about the mortgage loan process and how you can find the best lender for your mortgage.

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Home ownership is the foundation of the American dream, and often, a mortgage is necessary to make that dream come true. Finding the right mortgage loan is arguably just as important as finding the right property. You’ll be paying off your mortgage for years, and the best terms can save you thousands of dollars over time. This guide explains how …

Things to Do This Summer! By, Jim Clifford

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Here we are in June with the longest daylight days of the year. In the Seattle area, we have approx. 16 hours of daylight on June 21st. Our least amount of daylight in December is about eight and a half hours. So, we have just under twice as much daylight in the Summer, what can we do with it? If …