Buying and Selling During the Holiday Season By, Rick Jusenius

people eating holiday dinner

Why Buying and Selling this Holiday Season is a Good Idea


Buyers and Sellers during the Holidays are definitely serious. They have placed an emphasis on getting Real Estate behind them prior to the New Year.

As a buyer this means your typical seller is motivated especially if there home comes new to the market during the Holidays. This is a seller who doesn’t mind accommodating showings between all those Holiday Gatherings. The homes are also all dressed up really looking there best for all to enjoy. We’re talking family, friends and potential buyers so as sure to make a good impression. Quite frankly an organized, clean and festive property is a delight to preview and everyone involved just makes their way into the Holiday Spirit.

Being a seller during the Holidays also offers some distinct advantages. Typically there is less available inventory as compared to the spring selling season. This means less competition when buyers are comparing your home to others. Also buyers looking during the Holidays typically are very motivated taking time away from friends and family to pursue their year-end Real Estate goals. This means fewer showings for sellers but the buyers are certainly very motivated. This promotes fewer interruptions for the seller while offering a higher quality buyer for those making showing appointments.

As an Agent it’s truly a pleasure working with clients during the Holidays. There is plenty of Good Cheer to spread around and always enjoy hearing those wonderful Christmas and Thanksgiving stories.

We can do this and if Real Estate is calling would be a pleasure working through this together.


All my Best,

Rick Jusenius