Changes in the Real Estate Industry – Part 2

Virtual Reality Walkthrough

Jim:  Hi, I’m Jim Clifford with Washington Realty Group.

Jason:  And I’m Jason Clifford with SJC Management Group.

Jim:  We’re going to talk to you, today, a little bit more about marketing homes and what the difference has been in marketing homes, 45 years ago when I started real estate.

Jason:  And 15 years ago when I when I started out.

Jim:  45 years ago when I started in real estate we used to take one photo of a home maybe two and that was about it.

Jason:  Yeah today if you fast forward, there is a lot that goes into the marketing, particularly the visuals marketing aspect of a home. Where we’ll have multiple photos, you know there could be close to 50 professional-grade photos of the property.

We’re actually using virtual tours and drones for the visuals as well, to get a real full view of the property. The virtual tour is just amazing, we’re one of the few real estate offices in the state that owns our own Matterport camera. It allows buyers to go through the property to see all the detailed aspects of it and look up and see the ceiling, look down see the flooring, they can see every room and get a really high definition view of that property it allows the buyers to be well educated on the property, to see it.

The drone photography also allows a great view of the property from a bird’s eye view, that you just a perspective that you just wouldn’t be able to get any other way.

Jim:  When, when I started in real estate 45 years ago it was very difficult for us to get any type of visual to buyers and what would happen is we had to be more descriptive in our verbiage and we were in video or we had no video back then and in our photos.

It slowly evolved, few photos and a few more and then now it’s got to the point where you just discussed about the virtual tours and the video tours and the drone tours; and it is so much easier for a buyer to get a good understanding of what they’re going to look at, before they ever even walk into a home.

Jason:  Yeah absolutely, even 15 years ago when I started out you were able to get multiple photos and find them online but the visuals just weren’t there, the high definition quality of the photos was not there.

The idea of having a virtual tour of the property would have seven something sci-fi.  As well as using drones, which I think were only used by the military at that time.  So the idea that we’d be using drones, you know in a short time period as part of our marketing would have just blown my mind at that time.

So real estate has really evolved and we’ve stayed on top of that. We continue to look forward to staying on top of the evolution of real estate so that we can provide our clients with the best possible service that they can get.

So thanks for watching our video we look forward to having more of these chats with the and if you’d like to contact us, feel free to, we can be reached at the contact below thanks.

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