Considering Selling Your Home Before Spring? By, Jim Clifford

In today’s world, business and life goes on all year round. Just because we are entering the time of year when our daylight is more limited, it does not mean you should wait to sell your home. As interest rates continue to rise over the next six months, waiting could cost you a lot of money. The Federal Reserve has indicated that the rate rise we just had will be followed by continued increases for most if not all of 2019. They are trying to get ready for the next economic downturn.

To avoid paying a lot more money in interest on your next mortgage selling during the winter may be necessary. So, what should you do to make your home more attractive to buyers as we have fewer daylight hours? According to “The Balance” which is part of Dotdash publishing company make the home showing pleasant. This includes lots of light both natural and esthetic plus keep the home warm. The link to their entire article is here:

The “Family handyman” online  report says to make your home turn-key with updated paint colors, new faucets clean carpet/ article here:

There is no doubt that making your home more attractive to buyers is a key to getting your home sold. First thing to do is get good photos of the home both inside and outside as soon as possible, even if you’re going to sell in 3 or 4 months. On clear sunny day get your photos, drone and video done. Next get outside lighting completed, have steps and walkways well defined and safe. Have motion detector lights on the outside all around the home. As buyers walk around the home exterior you want them to see the home but also do not want them to trip or fall. Make sure to keep exterior clean by removing leaves and debris after stormy weather and to keep ice off walkways and steps.

Inside have shoe covers for people to wear rather than ask them to remove shoes. Make sure they can go over larger shoes or boots during cold weather. Pull back curtains and allow view of outside through windows. Yes, this means paying more on your heating bill, but you want to get your home sold. Replace low watt light bulbs with more light and make them full spectrum light in kitchen and living room. Have overhead and lamps turned on before showings even during the day.  Keep heat warm and comfortable.

According to Trulia winter is actually a better time to sell homes because homes sell faster and for more money in the winter. That seems surprising to me too but here is link to their information:

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