How to Find the Right Property with the Right Agent

finding the right property

Hello my name is Rick Jusenius.  Broker with Washington Realty Group and I wanted to spend a couple of minutes and talk a little bit about how do we find the perfect home or the perfect commercial building or the perfect piece of property to build a home on.

Well as we all know now days real estate has changed so much from years ago when I got into the business and there are so many different websites now that a person can go to and search for a home whether it be you know, Redfin or Zillow, John L. Scott, Windermere, the Washington Realty Group, we also have a fine website easy to search and easy to navigate.

So now once you have done some scrolling around and you have found a property that maybe you would like some more information on or maybe you would like to arrange for a showing of that property. Get a chance to get inside, maybe you need some help finding some comparables to figure out what the right price is.

May I suggest that you select a real estate agent, get to know that agent, be loyal to that agent and if you get the right one that agent whether be myself or someone else. You know we will really do our very very best to assist you in finding the right property, getting the right property at the right price and navigating all of the hurdles because there are quite a few hurdles in real estate.

I can not impress upon you enough that instead of jumping from agent to agent, please narrow your focus down to two or three agents and then select one to help you with your real estate needs. It’s better for you and it’s better for the agent.

Appreciate your time watching this video and hope you’re having a good week.

Thank You.