Must Have Spring Cleaning Tips by Jim Clifford

Spring Cleaning is just to cleanse the Soul


Who knows when the term “spring cleaning” became vernacular but the concept of spring cleaning is more important than just opening a few windows to allow fresh air inside your home. When the daylight becomes longer and there is more sunshine, we start to see the dust and dirt on our windows. We instinctively know the top of the cabinets and refrigerator will need cleaning, under the chairs and couches need moving and floor vacuumed or cleaned. Closets that have been dark all winter need items that were stuffed in them cleaned out and organized.

Cleaning Can Make You Happy

These activities are not only ritual for our looking forward to warmer weather and outdoor activities they are important to us psychologically. Real Simple magazine article on psychology of cleanliness and mental health explains how your surroundings have a huge impact on how you feel throughout every day.

Mice and Cleaning

Over this past winter mice may have found your garage or other areas of your home warmer than living outside. Cleaning up their droppings is a larger and more important chore than you might expect. The CDC report on Hantavirus Infections: explains how and why  you need to get rid of these rodents and clean up after them. Who knew the little critters could cause so many diseases.


During the cold months we keep our homes closed up but all the rain on the exterior and moisture from inside the home the home can cause mold in places where you simply have not noticed. Yes there are the showers; utility rooms and under sinks where there is lack of ventilation that can allow mold to start. There is also your crawl space, attic and gutters not correctly installed that may cause moisture issues. The CDC report on mold  explains the effects of moisture and mold inside your home to your health.

Cleaning to Thrive

We humans have been living with these issues for centuries and will continue to thrive for centuries more. But a good spring cleaning can make you feel emotionally and physically better because you have done something very good for yourself.



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