Must Have Spring Cleaning Tips By Dan Hunt


What Have You Been Hiding Lately?

Daylight savings began on March 11th, the trees have buds on them and spring has almost sprung!   Thoughts of warmer weather are flowing but the house/apartment is a mess from the long cold winter.

Spring cleaning time! Like it or not this is a good time to look back at what has been squirreled away for the past year or perhaps even years!  Those boxes that haven’t been unpacked since you moved in five years ago, that big stuffed animal you won at the fair (that you just had to have), or just looking at the home with “Spring Goggles” makes us reflect on the ultimate question:  Do I need that?

Toss, Sell or Give Away?

Offer Up, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or Garage sale? What to do with the unwanted items, perhaps turn those items into cash to fund a mini vacation, a night on the town or a burger.  All depends on how hard you want to work at turning the items into cash or just donate for a tax deduction.   Here is a link to help find free pick up charities.

Have fun with it

Get the entire household involved, the more the merrier.  You can have contests (with prizes of course) on who can get rid of the most, stuff.  Have several categories, most weight, most value and most volume.  Use your imagination to create more categories.

House Selling Tip

If you are getting ready to sell your home, be forewarned, buyers WILL be looking at any clutter you have piled up and will be making home buying decisions based on first impressions, clutter and cleanliness.

Here is a link to a helpful Spring Cleaning Checklist from the National Association of Realtors  this list is mostly geared to home selling but there are still lots of good ideas for everyone.

Get cleaning and have fun, it IS good for the soul!

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