Nothing Like a Good Cold Beer on a Sunny Day

As a Baby Boomer growing up on the West Coast in the 60’s you could not buy Coors Beer in Washington, Oregon or California and you could not buy Olympia Beer or Rainier Beer in Idaho, Colorado or Arizona. Then the big brewers came in purchased most of the smaller beer companies and then all the beer started tasting about the same

In the 90’s a few friends I knew started craft brewing beer and selling to local bars close to them. In the 2000’s some of the craft beers expanded and you could find craft beers in Seattle from Portland and Denver and when I was in Portland and Denver I could find craft beer from Washington State there.

So when I received a visual capitalist email showing maps of top U.S. cities of craft brewing locations it caught my eye. The top 10 cities are in order: San Diego, Denver, Portland, Santa Rosa, Minneapolis, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, St. Louis, Anchorage.

Here is copy of Visual Capitalist graph showing growth of craft Breweries in the United States

number of craft breweries

So here is to good beer.