How To Sell Your Home for the Most Amount Possible By Jason Clifford



Are you looking to sell your home for the maximum amount? How about as quickly as possible? Well, if you are considering selling then, I am sure you are wanting top dollar and a quick sale. Do you know what the most important aspect to making that happen is? The seller needs to create a pleasing visual experience for potential buyers when they first view the house. 99.9% of the time buyers start by viewing homes online and they make an instant decision by viewing the photos, and even better when they take a matterport 3-D tour. The 3-D tour allows the buyer to engage with the listing and spend more time looking at it, therefore less time looking at other properties.

There is a lot that goes into making a home visually attractive digitally. The home has to be prepped, cleaned, and preferably staged. You cannot take great photos of a home that has repairs needed or dirty or dated. A skilled hand can take decent photos, but if you want your home to really shine, then it needs to be prepped correctly. A good real estate agent should be a resource who you can help you get the home prepped. If you need referrals for contractors, cleaners, yard companies, your agent should be ready with outstanding contacts.

Once the prep work is done and the home is ready to go. Then getting professional photos that highlight the homes attributes is essential. Picking the right photographer is also key. It is hard to understate how badly poor-quality photos can hurt when selling your home. The only exception to this would be for land and fixer properties that sell to investors. Buyers who are shopping for their next home are definitely affected by quality photos.

3-D virtual tours like what you can get from the Matterport technology is also very important to creating engagement with potential buyers. The longer the buyer spends looking at your home, the better. This also has the very positive effect that when a buyer does go out and walk a home, after taking the 3-D tour, they fill like it is the second time they have seen the home. This is important because it increases the likelihood they will write an offer on the spot.

This all means less days on market, and better yet a higher sales price. Who doesn’t want to sell as fast as possible and maximum profit?

Just make sure you find a good agent that can facilitate the process and get your home sold quickly and for a good price. After all this is one of, if not the most, important financial life decision you will make.