House Renovation – Before and After Story

2352 MLK Jr Way Tacoma Front of Home

Hello this is Rick Jusenius, Washington Realty Group.

Hey thanks for joining us again. Today I’ve got a couple of interesting video clips I wanted to share with you.

A couple of fix and flips. Ones located out of Steilacoom, rambler that was purchased by an investor, renovated and then resold. And the other property is in downtown Tacoma; an old craftsman that was purchased by an investor, renovated and then resold.

I think you’re going to really enjoy the before-and-after pictures, thanks.

So here is a home in Tacoma. This is the after photo.

The before side shot and the after side shot, new paint.

Here’s the before entry and here’s the entry after the hardwoods have been refinished and all painted up.

Living area that had a nice fireplace; now a nice fireplace with some furnishing and new carpet.

Terrible drab old kitchen and now look at that, all modern. Turned out gorgeous.

Formal dining room before, formal dining room after.

Here’s a little eating nook that was off the kitchen. Eating nook after renovation.

Main floor half-bath. Main floor half bath after renovation.

Upstairs full bath, which we salvaged the old tub, put up a new tile recess around it.

This was the master bedroom. Master bedroom after renovation.

Now we’re going to go to Steilacoom.

Here is the before, and here is an after.

Before the kitchen got renovated; old birch cabinets and now new granite counter-tops and cabinetry.

This was the main bath; after with granite countertops, new cabinetry.

This fireplace was pretty interesting. You can see it off to your left, now covered in tile.

Master bedroom, master bedroom after renovation.

Half-bath which was located off the family room and now the new half bath after its new fixtures and floor covering.

We renovated an old, classic Craftsman home and a new young couple was able to buy it, move right in with FHA financing.

And appreciate you taking the time to watch this short video clip of the before-and-after story.

Thanks very much.