The Value of Landscaping By Rick Jusenius

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Landscaping Design

Have you ever noticed driving through neighborhoods that a particular property really catches your eye? Chances are that thoughtful and well placed landscape is the major contributing factor.


It is really not that difficult to create your own stunning landscape design. Let’s start with some graph paper and layout your property’s current features such as the home location, driveway and outbuildings. Determine the location of existing trees and or mature shrubbery that you wish to incorporate in your new design. Think about areas you would like to shade in the summer months. Where would you like year around privacy and those places that will let in the maximum amount sunshine throughout the year. The next step would be selecting plants that will thrive in their location and provide you with the results your looking for.

It’s Okay to Ask for Advice

Next step is to take your drawing to a local plant nursery and get some professional advice on the type of plants to select for your site. This will allow for changes to the design prior to any planting and produce a superior result for all of your efforts.

Women In plant nursery


Just think in a few short years you will be driving up to home sweet home and it too will really catch your eye along with dramatically improving your homes value.

Landscaped Yard with Grass Flowers and Trees


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