Tips for Getting Ready for Fall and Winter by Rick Jusenius



Getting Ready for Fall and Winter

As I write this blog the sun is out and expecting eighty degrees this afternoon. My how quickly things change with rain and much cooler temperatures around the corner. This is the perfect time to think about gutter and roof care before having to perform maintenance during a storm.

First things First. Please do not use a pressure washer on your roof shingles. I have seen so many roofs destroyed by pressure washing and is so simple to avoid this costly mistake. Just don’t do it !!! Instead apply a moss treatment product if needed and allow some time for it to work. Then you can gently use a garden hose and a broom to remove and clean off the remaining residue without causing damage to your roofing shingles. Pressure washers are fine for doing the gutters and siding along with deck and concrete surfaces. Pay attention to the various tips available for pressure washers and use them appropriately depending upon what your cleaning. Just not the Roof.

Next would be where does all that roof water go. Make sure that splash blocks direct water away from your house and if so equipped validate that your foundation and downspout drains are functioning correctly and not clogged with debris.

Moving right along maybe it’s time to start planning for Christmas lights and enjoying the install during the nicer weather. I actually am planning on this for September and will be very prepared for Halloween and the upcoming Holiday Season.

This is also a great time to make sure your outside faucets are protected from freezing weather, replacing furnace filters and smoke alarm batteries.

Lastly let’s stock up on flash light batteries, some candles and emergency food supplies just in case. You’re now going to be the envy of the neighborhood enjoying hot chocolate on your front porch while watching your neighbors performing miracles during a thunderstorm.