Tips to Finding a Real Estate Agent

Tips to finding a professional real estate agent.   Most people do not take the time to choose when choosing a real estate agent.  Most people try an agent that was referred by a friend or someone they find on the web.  Here are some tips to finding the right real estate agent.

1. Choose 3 real estate agents to interview

Family, friends, co workers and neighbors are always good for a referrals.  Ask them who they used on their home purchase.  Ask them if they would use that agent again.  Did they feel the the agent was trustworthy.  Were they helpful and courteous?  DI they get tasks completed on time?

Look online to search for agents in the area you want to buy or sell your home.  Most agents have a website or are on some web directory. Some websites might have ratings or reviews for the agent. Note: ratings and reviews may be not be accurate.  Find out more about the agent, look for years of experience, areas of expertise or special training

2.  Real Estate Interview Questions

Now that you have agents you want to interview here are some suggestions on what to ask during your conversation.  Feel free to add your own.  The answers to the questions may not be as important as the way the agent responds to the questions!  Also insert your questions into a real conversation, find a home your interested and ask a question about that to get the conversation going.   You will get a better feel for the agents personality.  Agents will be interviewing you at the same time!  the main thing they will be looking for is how serious a buyer you are and if you have the money to actually buy a home; don’t be liar be a  buyer!  Find out about mortgage pre-approval.

A.  Are you a full time agent?  A full time agent are making a living by real estate and may be more dedicated than someone who is doing it part time.  They defiantly should have more time to show properties, research properties, contact people and follow up with people during the closing process.

B.  How often will you inform me of new listings that match my home criteria?  Homes can sell quickly and having an agent  actively looking for your home may be the difference between getting your dream home or not.  Computers make this much easier and the home buyer can set up there own email alerts here.

C.  How many years have you been working as a Real estate agent in this area?  An experienced agent can be more beneficial any many areas.  They might know the pricing better or be able to work through any number of situations that come up during the home buying process.  Bank-owned properties are not the same as conventional home sales; banks are very strict on procedure and forms.  One little mistake can mean your offer is rejected and one has to start over.  In a multiple offer situation, a mistake could mean  the buyer lost any chance of getting that home.  There might be an advantage to using a newer agent.  Newer agents might be more eager to please and provide an above average service.  If a new agent seems busy they might not have the time for a new client.

D.  How quickly will you respond to my phone calls or emails? Do you have a call back policy?  If you prefer texting or Facebook messaging, ask them if they use those avenues of communication.  Some agent shave scheduled call back times or others may call back right away.

Only you can judge the person that you would like to work with.  Make sure to bring up any special needs you have for your situation, such as relocation,  first time home buying, or any others, tell the agent and ask if they have any experience and training with buyers like you.

3. Ask for references and testimonials from past clients.   References or referrals may not be the best indicator.  Most agents ask people for reviews and they are going to ask people they feel will give a good reference to begin with.   Even a bad agent can come up with referrals or testimonials.

4.  Time to compare.    What did you like or dislike about each real estate agent?  If a clear winner doesn’t stand out discuss your conversations with family or friends that have purchased a home.  They might have some helpful suggestions.