The Value of a Really Good Real Estate Agent – By, Rick Jusenius



The Value of a Really Good Real Estate Agent

Where does one begin on this very large topic? From the consumers perspective they really have no idea about what makes a really good Real Estate Agent.

I reflect back to the Horse and Buggy days when my career in Real Estate began when some attributes still hold true today. One needs to be a skilled negotiator and be able to work with all personality types. You need to be self-motivated and always place client interest ahead of self-interest. Organizational skills are a must with incredible attention to detail. One also needs to seek counsel from their peers in brainstorming to solve problems. Honesty and integrity is a must and treating clients fairly is paramount. Marketing and helping the customer in preparing their property for the market is also a long standing tradition of excellence in Real Estate.

What has changed is the ever evolving complexity of Real Estate in terms of how we market the homes and property’s that we list For Sale. You pretty much need a team of professionals with depth of knowledge in the various platforms we now use to effectively expose offerings to the market. Gone are the days of a single picture with an ad in the newspaper. Consumers expect virtual tours, movies and the ability to obtain vast amounts of property information from their smart phone through various web platforms that they feel comfortable with.

To sum it all up a good Agent will employ the resources of a team of professionals with each segment being a specialist in their own field of expertise. This creates a winning combination for the consumer and sets the stage for a pleasant experience.