Video- 3 Types of Real Estate Investment To Hedge Against Inflation

Real estate investing can help you beat inflation. But where should you invest your money? What kind of real estate is most valuable?

Here are three investment types to consider:

🏑 PRIMARY RESIDENCE: As inflation raises prices throughout the economy, the value of your home is likely to go up concurrently. If you don’t already own a home, we can help you take this first step.

🏘️ LONG-TERM RENTAL: This is a traditional rental. Think of a one-year lease on a single-family home. Because this serves as a tenant’s primary residence, it’s a necessary expense. Therefore, it helps to provide stable returns in uncertain times, especially when we have high inflation.

🏝️ SHORT-TERM RENTAL: Done right, short-term or vacation rentals can be both a hedge against inflation and a profitable source of income. As a bonus, when the home isn’t being rented you have an affordable vacation spot for yourself and your family!

Need help deciding which investment option is best for you? Contact us to talk through your options and goals.

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