Why Big Data Matters to Homeowners. By, Jim Clifford

phone controlling home

Data Increasing

According to Domo.com Americans use almost 4.4 million Gigabytes of internet data every minute. There are over 188,000 emails sent and 18,100,000 texts sent plus 390,030 apps downloaded. For us that remember how difficult it was to have enough random memory in our computers to send one picture this amount of memory use is beyond staggering. Technology has already changed how we view homes. Now consider the changes just in our homes that will occur over the next decade and try to calculate how much more data will be created.

Current Technology

What we think of as innovative or maybe intrusive today will be common and expected in the next few years. Here are some items that you may or may not have plans to have in your home now, but most likely home buyers will expect in the near future.

Wi-fi controlled LED smart lights with a variety of colors. These will not only reduce the energy use but will create the “right” light for the time of day, amount of natural light and what you are doing. Within a few years most if not all the lights in your home will be part of your smart home and through artificial intelligence see what you’re doing and create the correct light for that activity.

App-controlled smart locks that grant access in and out of the home on the homeowner’s command. “Hal, open the door” will become a standard command not just a line in the movie. Gone will be the days of punching your electric garage door opener or having key rings.

Air quality monitors inside your home that will detect allergens and irritants. Not only will your heat and air conditioning by part of your smart thermostat but consistent air quality will be programmed to bring in outdoor air when temperature and quality will help. An app on your smartphone will allow the system to know when to increase or decrease temperatures for your arrival home.

Wireless sound systems will no longer need expensive equipment to provide high-definition sound. You will be able to program it from your smartphone or your “personal assistant robot”. Visual screens will look like professional wall art when not used to view as a screen for streaming video or even as a communication system.

Thinking Ahead

If you’re going to remodel, or if you’re going to buy a home you should consider how the future needs and technology will change the physical function of your home. Our once very beautiful bookshelves surrounding our large TV now look very dated and are not very functional.   Home wifi security is essential has homes become more connected.